Check and Clean

Your check-up and clean appointment is the most important step. At Dental Lifeline, we use state of the art technology to explain everything in detail which you should know about your dental health. We listen to your expectations and demands.

Let’s begin the road to better oral health

New Patient Offer - Checkup, Clean & X-rays.

- No Gap (For Private Dental Health Insurance Patients)

- Not With Health Fund, Just pay $179

What to expect:

  • Complete oral examination

  • IntraOral Camera Photos – See what all is going on in your mouth. We can show you deposits on your teeth in a different colour and we can detect decay before it is too big to be seen by naked eye.

  • Thorough Cleaning- We will do a good clean of your teeth and remove all the calculus and deposits. After that polish is done to delay build-up of calculus again. We love to show you your clean mouth after the treatment with intraoral camera.

  • Fluoride Application – Prevent decay and reduce teeth sensitivity with our professional fluoride application.

  • Personalised Treatment Plan and Costing – After the check-up, we will make a treatment plan for you, providing explanation of the process, time and cost involved. We understand that your time is both precious and valuable. Receive personalised advice on preventive measures needed from our team of dentists and itemised costs. ALSO, we can make recommendations on how to improve your smile, whether it is through teeth whitening, veneers, or nothing at all (sometimes the best choice!).

  • Most of the fees involved in a dental check-up are covered by private health insurance. For your convenience, we are equipped with HICAPS system, which allows you to get health cover back instantly. No more waiting in line to get back money from your health fund.

  • Preventive care is one of the most important aspects of dental health, if you are due for a dental visit, call us and make an appointment. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and we will contact you back. We are conveniently open at times that suit you.